Suspended Particulate

on CFRC radio

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Suspended Particulate is a weekly experimental music/audio program hosted by Scott E.M. Stevens that airs on CFRC radio from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada at the end of Wednesday's broadcast (a.k.a. Thursday morning) at midnight (generally for 3 to 4 hours) ET (UTC-5/4) principally within a profile/feature type presentation. The program has existed in some form with the same general mission of programming experimental leaning music since 1997.

"Experimental" is not particularly defined, rather judgemnt is used to select content, primarily selected from submissions to CFRC radio (and other new releases when time allows), consideration of local events and artists, and tributes to recent deaths of those who've contributed to various sorts of experimentations in audio. Genres and styles are far from fixed, but include such notions as electroacoustic, musique concrète, ambient, drone, various improvisational methods, post rock, kosmische, noise, sampling/collage, minimalism, all sorts of "avant garde" methods and contemporary "classical".

CFRC is the volunteer programmed campus and community radio station serving Queen's University and the Kington, ON area since 1922. It can be hear locally at 101.9 FM. Live stream, archives, program schedule, news and events, and many more details can be found at